About Chatham

Why Chatham?

Knowledge and Longevity

Chatham Partners has conducted market research for leading institutional asset managers, retirement services providers, and global securities servicing firms for the past 20 years. We are engaged solely in the financial services industry, and as such, our knowledge in this area is unparalleled among research firms. We have deep and long-standing relationships with key financial industry leaders and influencers, and can help clients spot and capitalize on market trends and fluctuations.  We welcome the opportunity to address your unique challenges and invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation. Read more about how we work with clients.

Unique Vantage Point

Chatham Partners' wealth of competitive data enables institutional asset managers and retirement services providers to conduct peer-to-peer comparisons across a range of attributes, including sales process, product/service configuration, intermediary perceptions, and customer service. This benchmarking capability helps clients identify strengths and weaknesses relative to specific competitors and develop appropriate positioning strategies.

Customized Approach

From the creation of dedicated research surveys geared to the financial services industry, to the specific analyses performed on the data, Chatham works to ensure that each project is tailored to meet the unique goals of the client. We collaborate closely with you at each step in the research process and strive to be responsive to your needs and flexible in our approach.  Our ongoing relationships with industry leaders such as Principal Financial Group, Transamerica, T. Rowe Price, ING and TIAA-CREF, among others, is a testament to our client-centered approach to each research engagement.

Strong Leadership

Led by Chatham's President, Peter Starr, and Managing Director Joshua Dietch our management team has the domain expertise to transform survey research data and client feedback into actionable recommendations. Our wealth of industry and market research experience allows us to expertly frame each research question and translate our findings into actionable next steps. The Management Team at Chatham maintains an active involvement throughout the course of each project, providing expert insight and direction while remaining readily accessible to clients.

Experienced Interviewers

Chatham Partners prides itself on employing the most qualified Executive Interviewers in the business. Our Executive Interviewers average over eight years of experience with Chatham, and are skilled at engaging senior executives in detailed conversations to uncover their candid perceptions. Most have had executive-level industry experience at financial services firms such as Fidelity, State Street, and Bankers Trust and hold graduate degrees from leading universities.