About Chatham

Our Methodology

Chatham employs two primary research methodologies – quantitative and qualitative – both of which can be deployed through the use of surveys or in-depth interviews. In order to assess the most appropriate means of conducting a client engagement, we carefully assess the research objectives, taking into account the size and accessibility of the target population and the specificity and type of feedback desired, to map out an appropriate research strategy. Read more about how Chatham Partners helps clients listen to the Voice of the Customer

For quantitative studies, Chatham commonly administers surveys via the internet, telephone, or U.S. mail. Once the data is collected, the surveys are analyzed by a team of Chatham-trained analysts recruited from many of the top colleges and universities in the country.

For qualitative research, Chatham relies on its team of Executive Interviewers, all of whom are experienced in recruiting, scheduling, and interviewing C-level executives. Most of these interviewers have been working for Chatham in excess of 10 years, have advanced degrees from leading universities, and have direct experience working in the financial services industry. Their experience and expertise translates to superior interviews that often identify not only explicit needs, but implicit, and latent need as well.

Whether the research is quantitative or qualitative, clients are provided with the underlying data, including survey and in-depth interview transcripts. This approach allows clients to:

  • ensure that the research is conducted and analyzed in a transparent and ethical manner;
  • perform additional analyses on the data once the project has been completed; and
  • incorporate data into client CRM applications to enhance the actionability of the data.