What We Do

Our Products and Services

Chatham Partners provides market research and strategy consulting services to help financial service organizations acquire and retain profitable books of business. Chatham’s domain expertise in Retirement Services, Institutional Asset Management, and Global Securities Services, coupled with our proven research methodologies and capabilities, has helped our clients improve their sales processes, enhance their product offerings, and increase overall client retention.   Please feel free to contact us for more detail about any of these offerings.


We carefully assess each research engagement, taking into account such factors as the size and accessibility of the target population – whether it be plan sponsors, administrators, consultants, asset managers or some combination of these – and the specificity and type of feedback desired, to map out an appropriate survey strategy. Each approach may incorporate both quantitative and qualitative phases, and may be conducted via telephone surveys, in-depth one-on-one interviews or some combination of the two that will best produce our client’s desired outcome.  Click here for further detail about our methodology.

Client Experience Research

Chatham’s core research programs include: New Business Win/Loss Analysis, Intermediary Perception Analysis, Post-Implementation Analysis, Client Satisfaction Analysis and Departed Client Analysis. These programs help institutional asset managers, retirement service providers and global securities servicing companies better understand client and prospect perceptions and address reported strengths and weaknesses, product gaps, and other client needs. Our clients receive first-hand access to their clients’ feedback in the form of survey responses and/or interview transcripts to help them respond directly, and often individually, to customer feedback.

Custom Research

Custom research services are available to help clients address business needs that fall beyond the scope of our core research services. Chatham’s management team is highly experienced in working with financial institutions that are creating business plans, developing new products, or are seeking strategic validation and guidance. Using its proven quantitative and qualitative research techniques and doman expertise, Chatham can create custom decision support tools that help companies analyze new product development and strategic initiatives. We leverage our research capabilities, industry experience, and extensive network of contacts to help clients identify critical success factors for executing their new product or business initiatives.

Research Reports

Chatham’s multi-client research reports delve deeply into particular topics of interest to the financial community, which are sold to multiple subscribing organizations. Individual studies are designed to provide comprehensive insights into particular areas, such as market opportunities, competitive benchmarking, sales and pricing strategies, product development and positioning, client acquisition and retention, and overall organizational effectiveness. This program offers clients a unique opportunity to access valuable competitive information at a lower price point than our other research offerings.