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Chatham Partners has a deep and thorough understanding of the financial services industry, including issues affecting institutional asset managers, retirement service providers, global securities servicing firms, intermediaries, and other related groups. As such, we will sometimes release news so that you and your clients will get an early glimpse of important industry research and events. Here are some of our recent press releases:

Chatham Partners Measures Gains in Client Loyalty - July, 2012
Plan sponsors' loyalty to their retirement service providers has shown a marked increase from last year, according to Chatham Partners' annual Provider Loyalty Index scores released today. The survey contains insights from over 7,000 plan sponsors and 16 of the top 20 retirement plan providers. Specifically, Chatham's analysis indicates that satisfaction with plan sponsor administrative services and client service personnel have the largest impact on plan sponsors' overall satisfaction with their provider.

Chatham Partners Launches Fee Disclosure Impact Study - June, 2012
Chatham Partners will launch the study "Assessing Plan Sponsor Attitudes on Pricing and Value in the Age of Transparency and Disclosure" to evaluate plan sponsor perceptions regarding new fee disclosure regulations. The study will help providers assess sponsors' overall satisfaction with fee disclosure and develop measures to make fee disclosure documents more useful to sponsors.

Chatham Partners Study Stuggests Investment Outsourcing Market Will Evolve Slowly - March, 2012
A new study by Chatham Partners indicates that while there is merit to market indicators portending an increase in institutional buyers' appetite for investmetn outsourcing, growth in addressable markets may be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

New Chatham Study Uncovers New Opportunities for Providers in Total Retirement Outsourcing Market - March, 2012
Nearly half (48%) of plan sponsors who are not fully bundled indicate that they would be likely or more likely to bundle their retirement plans if convinced of the benefits.

Chatham Partners Announces Promotions and Appointments - September, 2011
Chatham Partners is pleased to announce the promotions of Lauren Frank, Daniela Jaeckel, and Mark Jeffries to Senior Analysts and the appointment of Louis Cascetti, Sarah Clark, and Erin Daley as Analysts.

Chatham Partners Study Uncovers QDIA Market Opportunities - August, 2011
While DC plan sponsors report high satisfaction levels with their current QDIA investment managers, opportunities for differentiation hold promise for aspiring QDIA managers.

Study by Chatham Partners Forsees DCIO Challenges - July, 2011
A comprehensive study by Chatham Partners recommends greater scrutiny of sales and marketing expenditures and improved brand positioning to remain profitable as the industry matures.

Chatham Partners Announces CIO Research Study - April, 2011
This syndicated research report will help subscribers better understand and evaluate the addressable market for investment outsourcing and outsourced CIO services.

Chatham Partners Announces Two-Part Webinar Series - March, 2011
Chatham Partners, a Waltham market research and consulting firm specializing in retirement markets, announces two free webinars: “Drivers of Client Satisfaction (and Dissatisfaction) in Retirement Markets” and “How to Maximize Sales Effectiveness in Retirement Markets.”

Chatham Clients Outshine Benchmarks - March, 2011
A new analysis by Chatham Partners shows that customer satisfaction and loyalty rates among the firm’s Retirement Services clients rose to a ten-year high in 2010.

Customer Service Key Driver of Investment Satisfaction - November, 2010
Research by Chatham Partners and Investment Metrics demonstrates the importance of client service, particularly in times of sub-par portfolio performance.

Chatham Partners Launches DCIO and QDIA Studies - September, 2010
The first two studies under the leadership of Luis Fleites, both geared toward retirement market audiences, are launched.

Luis Fleites Joins Chatham Partners as Vice President - August, 2010
Retirement market expert Luis Fleites will direct Chatham’s multi-client research reports initiative.

Strategies to Accelerate Growth in the Retirement Outsourcing Market - May, 2009
Bundled retirement outsourcing growth opportunities remain for retirement plan providers willing to refine their marketing, sales, and product development efforts to align with plan sponsor needs.

The Race to Gather QDIA Assets - September, 2008
How plan sponsors and their intermediaries are evaluating and making Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) decisions in light of new pension regulations.

Plan Sponsor Perspectives on Fee Disclosure - March, 2008
Although plan sponsors report that they are comfortable with current fee disclosure rules, when probed more deeply, they are less confident in their knowledge about this critical area.

Opportunities & Challenges Post PPA & FAS 158 - October, 2007
Despite the turmoil in the marketplace, plan sponsors appear to be taking a very pragmatic approach to, what many perceive to be, landmark regulatory and accounting rule changes.

Opportunities and Challenges in the TRO Market - May, 2006
Report shows that investment flexibility and meaningful cost savings and key to winning total retirement outsourcing business.