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Chatham has a deep and thorough understanding of the financial services industry, and as such, we are able to form hypotheses, spot trends, and highlight opportunities. The richness of the data we collect along with the depth of experience of our senior management team enables us to provide a unique perspective on the markets we serve. Here are some of our recent publications:

Research Reports

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Trends in CIO/Investment Outsourcing: Evaluating the Opportunity in a Recovering Economy - March 2012
This Chatham Partners study suggests that while there appears to be some merit to market indicators portending an increase in institutional buyers' appetite for investment outsourcing, growth in addressable markets may be more evolutionary than revolutionary.  Click here to view sample slides.

2011 Trends in DB Bundling and Total Retirement Outsourcing: Evaluating the Opportunity in a Recovering Environment - March 2012
Chatham Partners' research indicates that nearly half (48%) of plan sponsors who are not fully bundled would be likely or more likely to bundle their retirement plans if convinced on the benefits.  The study encompassed six areas: attitudes toward current plan management approach; perceptions of the benefits of Defined Benefit (DB), Total Retirement Outsourcing (TRO), and Total Benefits Outsourcing (TBO) markets; likelihood of changing a plan's management structure; satisfaction with current providers; decision-making process for selecting providers; and the role of investment capabilities in bundling.  Click here to view sample slides.

QDIA Update: An Assessment of Selection and Evaluation Criteria of QDIA Options by Plan Sponsors and Their Intermediaries - August 2011 (click for press release)
Chatham Partners analyzed how current evaluation, assessment, and selection criteria used by plan sponsors and their intermediaries for QDIA options have evolved since the 2008 market crash.  Plan sponsors, intermediaries and participants are surveyed for this comprehensive study.

DCIO Research Study Identifies Future Market Challenges - August 2011 (click for press release)
While DCIO assets continue to grow at a healthy pace, new concerns are facing managers as the industry starts to mature. This study surveyed over 20 asset managers and DCIO executive recruiters on topics including: organizational structure and staffing; product offerings, trends and threats; marketing approaches, staffing and budgets; target markets, role of intermediaries and distribution strategies; and sales and compensation practices.

White Papers

Assessing Buyer Demands for Middle Office Outsourcing  January, 2010
This report presents a definition of middle-office outsourcing and an analysis of factors influencing asset managers' decision about whether or not to outsource these functions.