Intermediary Perception Analysis

Perception Is Everything

In many markets, intermediaries such as advisors and consultants play an influential role in the decision to purchase a particular investment vehicle or service. As a result, understanding and managing the perceptions of this constituency is critical to driving new business. Chatham Partners provides honest, actionable feedback about how financial intermediaries view your products and services so you can address any actual or perceived weaknesses.

Our findings will identify perceptions that are negatively impacting the ability to win and retain business. They will also help determine if market perceptions are widely held (which may point to something more fundamental related product offering, servicing, or brand), or represent opportunities to improve relationships with specific intermediaries.

Chatham’s Intermediary Perception Analysis enables our clients to:

  • Understand which products and services are viewed as differentiators, strengths, or weaknesses
  • Identify intermediaries who need additional or updated information about product and service offerings
  • Learn more about the intermediary evaluation process as a means to identify opportunities to influence that process
  • Identify intermediaries with unfavorable views, so that a targeted action plan can be developed to enhance their perceptions
  • Demonstrate a desire to work with intermediaries in servicing mutual clients
Chatham Partners Intermediary Perception Analysis