Post Implementation Analysis

First Impressions Matter

In the institutional financial services space, transitioning to a new provider can be particularly stressful. Interactions are frequent, complex and time-sensitive. In a compressed period of time, opinions will be shaped by exposure to all corners of a company, including personnel, capabilities, flexibility, and technology.

Making a good impression on a new client who has just entrusted a company with their business makes good sense. But the benefits go beyond first impressions. Chatham’s research has demonstrated a high correlation between implementation and client retention, making this stage of the client journey especially critical for any firm.

Chatham will survey and/or interview new clients just after the implementation period so that valuable insights are gathered and issues can be addressed immediately.

Chatham’s Post-Implementation Analysis enables our clients to:

  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of the implementation process
  • Gain specific feedback to evaluate and compensate employees responsible for the implementation process
  • Find knowledge gaps and learning opportunities
  • Discover specific needs and concerns of clients that may impact ongoing relationship
Chatham Partners Post-Implementation Analysis