Custom Research

Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

Chatham’s custom research engagements for financial services clients provide insights and recommendations for addressing a specific challenge, objective, or goal.

Depending on your individual needs, Chatham will develop a systematic research plan that leverages our financial industry experience and contacts in the institutional asset management, retirement, pension or securities servicing area. Through this individualized research approach, we will help you identify critical success factors, uncover profitability challenges, and target emerging opportunities. All custom research engagements are designed to:

  • Provide actionable insights.

    Chatham’s insights and recommendations focus on near-term tactics without losing sight of long-term strategy. Our engagements provide clarity into the action steps required to achieve each client’s ultimate business objective.

  • Offer a customized approach.

    Chatham seeks to thoroughly understand our clients’ unique objectives and information needs. Based on this information, we will customize all aspects of a survey or project to meet your requirements, including our methodology, research tools, segmentation, and deliverables.

  • Capitalize on industry expertise.

    Chatham uses sophisticated survey tools to gather detailed feedback from prospects, intermediaries, and clients. We can also leverage our library of competitive data to provide customized peer group benchmarking analysis. Our experienced team of Executive Interviewers has extensive financial experience and can probe respondents deeply to obtain critical insights.

Chatham Partners Custom Research