What We Do

Client Satisfaction Analysis

Listening and responding to the needs of clients directly impacts their satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, retention levels. But gathering candid and unbiased feedback from busy financial services executives is easier said than done. Our Customer Satisfaction research program uses comprehensive market surveys to provide unfiltered client opinions about your firm’s products and services, and client service levels.

Key Benefits

  • Isolate key strengths, weaknesses, and gaps within your product and service offerings and client service platform
  • Establish benchmarks that can help improve accountability by using precise, quantifiable metrics measured on an absolute or peer basis
  • Benchmark ratings for multiple product/service and client service attributes against peer group competitors
  • Identify all "at risk" and potential “at risk" accounts and proactively identify reasons for their dissatisfaction
  • Provide independent research that can be shared with current and prospective clients for maximum impact